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African Logistics VTC is an English speaking virtual trucking company with members from all over the African continent . The project started on 01 October 2021 to bring a change to the TruckersMP Community.

Our drivers and staff are from all around the Africa featuring SOUTH AFRICA, ZIMBABWE, MOZAMBIQUE, BOTSWANA, MALAWI,EGYPT, KENYA. AfricanLogistics the leading company in SADAC our goal is to build a community like no other

A community in which we can offer our drivers the best experience in virtual trucking. ALVTC provides a variety of convoys in ETS and ATS. We keep a balance between the DLC and non-DLC areas so we can provide convoys to all our drivers.

Why African Logistics?

Trucky Drivers Hub

At our African logistics, we have full access to Trucky, which provides our drivers with visibility and control over their cargo. This system, allows you to track your cargo.


Our dedicated team at African Logistics is the backbone of our operations. With their expertise and passion for the industry, they play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of our operations.

Company Convoys

When we not attending an event, we host company conovoys on TruckersMP. We are dedicated to having fun drives during the week at various times.


We organize a convoy every month, with the participation of multiple VTCs.We also attend other VTC Events on a daily basis when we are not on our company convoys



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